bike tracks

Our bike tracks are designed to suit any area, large or small and can be designed around existing structures. Construction is from coloured concrete, wetpour rubber or a combination of both depending on your requirements. Colourful and realistic road graphics are added and include crossings, centre lines, arrows, speed limits and parking bays. We also include road signs which can be easily removed for storage.

Our bike tracks are designed to highlight the importance of road safety awareness in children and may be incorporated into interactive learning programs where the children can also have fun while developing their gross motor skills.

In the bike tracks above and below, we have used realistic synthetic-lawn as a practical and low maintenance alternative. This is much easier than real lawn as it requires very little maintenance with a once per week clean with a leaf blower. The lawn drains water away quickly and unlike real grass, stays green all year round. No mowing, edging, fertilizing, or watering and best of all, no worn out patches from too many little feet or areas that won't grow due to shade from trees.


Displayed in the photos above and below are bike tracks constructed from concrete with wetpour rubber as a finished surface. This surface reduces the severity of injuries and is a non slip surface in both wet and dry situations. These tracks can also be constructed from wet pour rubber without a concrete base usually on a compacted crusherdust base depending on the ground type.

Many different designs and colours can be used to create a range of tracks with all types of road graphics and signs. Standard patterns as in the photos shown can be used as well as colourful designs to brighten up your playground. Speed humps and 3D shapes can also be added to create a more visual and interactive learning experience while the children are having fun.