Sensory Paths.

Our sensory paths are specifically designed to provide a range of experiences for children such as different textures, colours, shapes and interesting objects. All paths are unique one off designs that have been created by an artist and sculptor. Included are mosaic designs using local and imported pebbles, seashells, tiles, river stones, coloured cement and other interesting objects. For additional colour we use wetpour rubber in the form of different shapes which adds another dimension to the sensory experience.

Every path is personalised by asking each child to bring in a special object to be included in their new path, providing the children with a sense of ownership. This is always the most anticipated stage of construction as the children look on with growing excitement to see where their personal item is being added.

Some of the past items included are seashells, special rocks, keys, coins, badges, belt buckles and our all time favourite “sheep and beaver bones” brought in by a little girl with a big imagination

Feel free to contact us for any information relating to our sensory paths or playgrounds as we are only too happy to help and distance is not a problem. We travel world wide and service most countries. /contact us now to discuss your requirerments.

Sensory paths can be added to our interactive creeks to create an adventure trail which leads in different directions with multiple bridge crossiings. Sensory objects are selectively placed in area such as the path, creek and under the bridges. Some of the objects we include are Keys, coins, badges, sea shells,and anything else we can find to create great interest to the children. This allows them to explore and discover hidden treasures throughout the course. Also see our /interactive-creeks-and-dry-creek-beds page for more designs and sensory objects.