Interactive Creeks.         

Our custom designed creeks are specifically designed so that children can interact with different objects, shapes and colours. Hours of painstaking work go into creating these unique pieces of work and every creek is a one off design. These creeks include seashells, keys, coins, mosaics and lots of hidden treasures ready for the children to discover. The creeks also include various bridge crossings and stepping stones. Water is constantly recirculated throughout the course of the creek and returned back to a childproof reservoir concealed underground.

Dry creek beds are a much requested feature and can be custom designed to complement both large and small areas. Our creeks are enhanced by careful plant selection including sedges and rushes which are both hardy and child friendly. Once established, the dry creek bed takes on a very natural and inviting appearance, encouraging children to explore and interact with nature.


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Sensory paths can also be added to our creeks creating an interesting trail in which the children can folow discovering hidden treasures and sensory objects. The creeks are planted with sedges and native grasses giving it a natural look and feel.The plants are carefully selected and are non toxic or harmfull to the children creating a child friendly environment. See our /sensory-paths page for more designs and ideas.

Dry river beds are constructed using natural river stone in various sizes. These creeks and river beds can either have water recirculating through out the course, or just take on the appearance and characteristics of a real creek. We can design them to fit any area within your playground with often minimal space required. They can also be designed to compliment existing areas such as sand pits, digging patches or play areas. The river stone is natural and has a smooth finish to it making it safe for the children.These creeks are also planted with sedges and native grasses adding to the natural effect.

The creek and dry river bed in the photos below has just been completed and will be photograghed in 12 months time to show the full effect of how the native grasses transform it into a natural play area where the children can experience an environmental nature walk while exploring hidden treasures and sensory objects.

Polished stumps, Logs Polished stumps, logs
Polished stumps, Logs Polished stumps, logs Polished Stump, Logs
Polished stumps, Logs Polished stumps, logs
Dry Creek Beds, Dry Creek Beds
Dry Creek Beds, Dry Creek Beds Dry Creek Beds
Dry Creek Beds, Dry Creek Beds